2007 Maybach 57 Values

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2007 model year changes

For 2007 the Maybach lineup doubles. In addition to the Maybach 57 (think 5.7 meters in length) and the Maybach 62, there is now a Maybach 57S and Maybach 62S. Both S models get a 61-horsepower upgrade to the already impressive 543-horsepower twin-turbo V12 that powers both models. For the additional $34,500 you also get a firmer suspension and both carbon fiber and black lacquer trim.

Competitive comparison

The uber-luxury car; heavenly ride; remarkable comfort; incredible power; all the prestige you'll ever need.

Special features for 2007

It seems odd to consider the word "value" in a car that costs well over $300,000; instead, the word "prestige" is more appropriate. The 2007 Maybach is in the same rarefied air as the most luxurious new cars in the world. Mercedes-Benz resurrected this illustrious brand in 2004, and it continues to ably fill the market needs of those who demand a personalized luxury experience that cannot be duplicated by any ordinary mode of transportation.

Maybach 57

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