2007 INFINITI G35 Coupe Values

Select a 2007 INFINITI G35 Coupe trim level

2007 model year changes

Infiniti has totally redesigned the G35 sedan inside and out for 2007. It looks similar to the 2006 model, but it now wears a more contoured body. While its size hasn't changed much (length measures within an inch of the old one) and it weighs less than 50 pounds heavier, new technologies abound. Push-button starting is standard, and intelligent cruise control is available, as are adaptive headlamps and a rearview camera. The interior has been upgraded, bringing fit and finish to much higher levels than has been previously seen in past G35s. The G35 coupe carries over essentially unchanged.

Competitive comparison

Plenty of power; first-rate handling; tons of driving fun.

Special features for 2007

Infiniti's G35 is probably best compared to BMW's 3-series, and similarly offers excellent driving dynamics for the enthusiast. Compared to the BMW 328 coupe and sedan, the G35 owner enjoys about 50 additional horsepower. The G35 also adds considerable standard equipment over the German rival, such as floor mats and a fold-down rear seat for about $1,500 less. Throw in a better warranty and this all adds up to a lot of car (and a lot of fun) for the money.
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