6 Best Boat Grills - Reviews and Buying Guide for 2020

The secret to a memorable boat outing is to treat your guests to some delicious food. Instead of preparing food in advance and eating cold food on your boat, you can upgrade your boat with a grill. Let’s take a closer look at different products to help you find the best boat grill.

Are Boat Grills Different From Regular Grills?

Safety is key when grilling on a boat. It’s best to choose a grill designed for use on a boat rather than relocating your grill from your backyard to your boat deck.

You will find that most boat grills have a small and compact design due to the limited space available on boats. If you opt for a propane grill, you will find that the best boat grills that use propane come with safety features that prevent leaks and mounting options that help you keep the grill away from any open lockers and spaces that could get filled with propane.

Charcoal grills are another popular option. You can find specialized grills that you can mount on a rail with an adaptor. You can swing the mounting arm to keep your grill above the water and reduce fire hazards.

Top Features to Look For in a Boat Grill

Depending on how often you grill, the best boat grill for your needs could be an electric, charcoal, or propane grill. Electric grills are more expensive and require you to have a battery or generator onboard that you can use to power your grill. The main advantages of electric grills are that they’re easy to use and cook food fast.

A propane grill is an affordable option. These grills are easy to use and give you precise control over the grilling temperature. However, you have to be careful about placement and keep your grill away from any lockers or other open spaces. Propane is heavier than air, and a leak could result in an open space underneath the grill filling with propane.

Charcoal grills are a compact and affordable option. The downside is that it’s not safe to use starter fluid on a boat, which means firing up your grill can take some time.

You should consider the space that is available on your boat, and choose a grill that won’t take up too much space while being large enough to cook enough food. Storage is another important consideration since you will probably put your grill away when you don’t use it.

Pay attention to the mounting system that comes with your new boat grill. If you have a small boat, the best boat grill for your needs could be a compact grill with a swivel mount that you can attach to a rail.

Best Boat Grills Under $100

If you think that the best boat grill for your needs is a compact and affordable product, take a look at these two grills.

Cuisinart CGG-049 Searin’ Sphere 10,000 BTU Portable Gas Grill

This compact and convenient propane grill is an ideal choice, thanks to its freestanding design. You can set up this small grill on a table or another surface as long as you can supervise the grilling process.

You can also mount the grill on a rail or other element by adding some brackets to the grill. The grill only weighs 13 lbs and measures approximately 13x18x13,” which makes it easy to mount on the railing of a small boat.

The propane grill features a 14” cooking grate. The grate has a porcelain enamel surface that makes the grill easy to clean while delivering even results when you grill food.

The grill uses a 1 lb propane tank and delivers 10,000 BTU. There is a convenient push start feature and a hood that you can remove when you grill food.


  • Compact design
  • Lightweight grill
  • 10,000 BTU
  • Easy to use


  • Bracket not included
  • Too small to feed a large family

Coleman Fold N Go + Propane Grill

This portable propane grill is the best boat grill if you have limited storage space. The foldable design and handle make this grill easy to store and transport.

You can remove the cooking surface for easy cleanup, and the design of the grill maximizes the size of the grilling area. We like the convenient push start button and the controls that allow you to adjust the temperature with precision. Even though this is a small grill, you can get even results when cooking.

The grill uses a 16.4 oz propane cylinder and delivers 6,000 BTU. It’s a convenient portable propane grill, but you will have to invest in a bracket and mounting platform to turn it into a boat grill.


  • Compact and foldable design
  • Easy to clean
  • Precise temperature control
  • Large grilling surface


  • Not as performing as other grills
  • Doesn’t come with a bracket

Best Boat Grills Under $200

We recommend these two boat grills if you want to invest in a more performing grill or have more space on your boat.

Smoke Hollow Grill Modified for 1.25” Railing on Pontoon Boats

This sturdy and performing grill is an ideal addition to your pontoon boat. There is a large cooking surface and a hood that protects your food while it cooks. The hood latches and stays closed when you don’t use the grill. You can remove the cooking grid to clean it if you need to.

We like the sturdy construction of this grill because you can attach it to your boat railing and leave it in place. You will need to use a 1 lb propane tank with this grill.

This grill comes with a marine-grade steel bracket that won’t get corroded. The bracket fits 1.25” open square fence rails, which is a common type of railing you will find on pontoon boats. Note that you can detach the bracket and use another mounting system if you don’t have this type of railing on your boat.


  • Easy to mount on railing
  • Large grilling surface
  • Simple controls
  • Hood latches on


  • Fits only one type of railing

Magma Marine Kettle Gas Grill

This stainless steel is a durable addition to your boat. The compact design is suitable for a small boat.

The grill has a diameter of 13.” The design of the grid allows for even heat distribution, and you can close the lid of the grill to prepare food with convection cooking.

There is a control valve that you can use to shut off the gas flow if needed. You will need a 1 lb propane canister for this grill.

You can mount this grill on a swivel arm and keep it above the water when you cook food. Note that you will have to purchase the mounting hardware separately.


  • Lightweight design
  • Control valve
  • 10,700 BTU
  • Easy to clean


  • Need to purchase mounting hardware separately
  • Reflecting metal will stand out on the water

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Best Boat Grill Overall

These are two of the best boat grills you can find.

Magma Products, Connoisseur Series Gas Grills, Propane, LPG, Stainless Steel

This durable stainless steel grill is convenient to use, thanks to its large cooking surface and grease tray. The grill comes with foldable legs that you can use to set it up on a flat surface. You can also fold the legs and mount the grill on a rail with special hardware.

There is a swiveling valve you can use to cut access to the propane if you need to. The 1 lb propane tank attaches to the valve directly. You can also use this grill with a CNG tank if you would rather not use propane.

The grilling surface measures 9x12,” which gives you plenty of space to grill food for a large group of people. The grill delivers 11,200 BTU.


  • Performing and easy to use
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Foldable legs
  • Large cooking surface


  • Mounting hardware not included

Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill

We like this tabletop gas grill because of its compact and portable design. It features a sturdy base that you can use to prop up the grill on a table, but you can also fold the legs and mount this grill on a boat rail with the right hardware.

It’s a small grill that won’t take up too much space on your boat. It delivers 5,500 BTU, and the porcelain-enameled grate allows for fast and even cooking. The built-in knob is a convenient way of starting the grill and controlling the temperature.


  • Portable design
  • Simple controls
  • Foldable legs
  • Lightweight grill


  • Mounting hardware not included


Mounting a grill on your boat is something you can do by investing in quality brackets or a swiveling arm. It’s best to choose a boat grill and look for mounting hardware that will work for your boat.

We recommend the Magma Products, Connoisseur Series Gas Grills, Propane, LPG, Stainless Steel Grill for its performance and cooking surface, or the Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill if you need a smaller propane grill.