6 Best Boat Anchors: Reviews and Buying Guide for 2020

The best boat anchor should be reliable and easy to use. It’s important to select a boat anchor that matches the size of your boat. You should also consider the conditions in which you use your boat to choose the best boat anchor for your needs. Here are a few products to consider and some tips to help you select an anchor.

Top Considerations When Choosing a Boat Anchor

The best boat anchor varies depending on the size of your boat and the conditions in which you use it.

Boat Size

A larger boat will need a heavier anchor with more holding power. If you have a small, lightweight boat, you can use a smaller anchor and should avoid heavier anchors with more holding power since it would add to the weight you carry on your boat.

If you have a boat that is under 27’ in length, you can use a 4 or 5 lbs anchor with a 14” fluke. We recommend using a 7 lbs anchor with a 16” fluke if your boat is somewhere between 28 and 32’ in length. A larger boat in the 40 to 45’ range would require a 15 lbs anchor with an 18” fluke.

Don’t hesitate to size up to be on the safe side, but keep in mind that an oversized anchor can be difficult to use and add unnecessary weight to your boat.


The bottom conditions you’re likely to encounter will determine the best boat anchor type for your needs.

Sand creates a hard surface, and you will need an anchor with more holding power to keep your boat in place. You should use an anchor with at least 2,800 lbs of holding power for a boat under 27.’

If you use the anchor on soft mud, you can get away with a lightweight anchor since it will sink to the mud. You can use an anchor with 400 to 800 lbs of holding power for a boat under 27.’

If you have a larger boat in the 40 to 45’ range, you would need an anchor with 1,000 lbs of holding power in soft mud, and 8,000 lbs in sand.

Weather conditions are another important consideration. If you expect a storm or high winds, get an anchor with more holding power.

If you’re likely to encounter changing weather conditions or want to anchor your boat in different ports, you should consider carrying more than one anchor with you. It adds weight to your boat, but it ensures that you will always have an anchor adapted to your needs.

Best Boat Anchors Under $50

These affordable anchors are perfect for most small boats.

River Anchor – Vinyl-Coating Cast Iron Anchor

This anchor improves the traditional mushroom anchor design by adding openings into the bottom of the anchor. This design allows the anchor to sink into the bottom and keep your boat in place securely.

It’s a perfect choice for sediments and soft mud. We recommend this anchor for rivers and lakes since you can also use it on grassy bottoms.

The anchor features a large rope eye. This oversized eye allows you to use a larger anchor line or upgrade the anchor by using a sturdy steel cable instead of a rope.

The black vinyl coating makes the anchor more durable and prevents damages.

The sizes available range from 12 to 20 lbs. The anchor is around 8” high, and the diameter varies from 9 to 10,” depending on the size you choose.


  • Upgraded mushroom design
  • Easy to use
  • Black vinyl coating
  • Different sizes available


  • Not for rocky bottoms
  • Not ideal for high winds

Seachoice Utility Anchor – Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel

This galvanized steel anchor is a durable option that you can use in saltwater without having to worry about corrosion. The fluke design is an excellent choice if you need an anchor with more holding power. It’s suitable for different bottom conditions, and you can use this reliable anchor during a storm or in windy conditions.

There are different sizes available. The smallest anchor is a good choice for a 15 to 19’ boat. The fluke measures 9,” the stock has a width of 12,” and the anchor weighs 4 lbs.

The largest anchor available weighs 8 lbs, and has a fluke that measures 13.” The stock width is 18,” and the anchor is suitable for a 30’ boat.

The wide design of the fluke is one of the standout features of this anchor. Using a wide fluke allows you to set your anchor easily in a wide range of conditions.


  • Wide fluke design
  • Different sizes available
  • Lightweight anchor
  • Galvanized steel


  • Not ideal for rocky bottoms
  • Wide fluke design means anchor takes up more space

Best Boat Anchors Under $200

These two boat anchors are worth considering if you have a larger boat or need a sturdy anchor for windy conditions.

Slide Anchor – Box Anchor for Offshore Boat Anchoring

This heavy-duty anchor is suitable for offshore anchoring. It’s a sturdy marine anchor that you can use for a larger boat or in extreme weather conditions.

The box design allows for optimal landing. All you have to do is toss the anchor overboard, and it will sink into the bottom by itself. You can retrieve the anchor with minimal efforts by placing your boat directly above the anchor.

There are two sizes available. The smallest size is perfect for a boat that measures between 18 and 30.’ You should order the larger size if you have a boat that measures up to 40.’


  • Galvanized steel
  • Box design
  • Easy retrieval
  • Heavy-duty anchor


  • Only two sizes available
  • Heavier than other options

Five Oceans DC Hot Dipped Galvanized Delta Style Anchor

This anchor features a heavy ballast to deliver stability. It’s one of the best boat anchors for extreme conditions since it has enough holding power for a storm.

We like this boat anchor because of the delta style and bow roller design. You can toss it overboard and let it drag until it latches onto something. The bow roller design ensures a fast setting process, and the heavy weight makes the anchor secure and easy to use.

It’s suitable for sand, mud, and other surfaces. You can choose from different sizes. The smallest size weighs 9 lbs, and the heaviest weighs 44 lbs. The 9 lbs anchor is 21” long and 8” wide, while the 44 lbs model is suitable for boats up to 65’ and measures 35” by 15.”


  • Bow roller design
  • Heavy ballast
  • Fast setting
  • Good selection of sizes


  • Heavier than other anchors

Best Boat Anchors Overall

These two boat anchors deliver an excellent mix of value and durability.

Extreme Max 3006.6521 BoatTector Vinyl-Coated Navy Anchor

We recommend this boat anchor because it’s an affordable option, and the vinyl coating makes this anchor durable.

The anchor uses a fluke design combined with swivel action. Once the anchor latches onto something, it will deliver a steady hold. It’s an anchor you can use in fresh and saltwater since the weight and design are suitable for different environments.

The large flukes are an advantage since they can sink into soft mud or catch onto different types of surfaces. The anchor has a reverse action feature you can use to retrieve it easily.

There are four sizes available with weights ranging from 10 to 28 lbs.


  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater
  • Fluke and swivel action
  • Reverse action
  • Vinyl coating


  • Only four sizes available
  • Flukes don’t have a sharp edge

MarineNow Deluxe Portable 13 lb Fluke Style Anchor Kit

We like this anchor because you can get a fluke anchor and a complete anchor kit at an affordable price.

The anchor is a 13 lbs fluke anchor with a galvanized steel construction. The kit comes with a sturdy anchor line, a chain, and some shackles. It’s an ideal choice if you are shopping for your first boat anchor and don’t have any of the necessary hardware.

The anchor is 18” wide and has a height of a little more than 24.” It’s ideal for sand and soft mud since the sharp flukes can sink into different surfaces. It’s heavier than most fluke anchors, which gives you an advantage if you need more holding power.


  • Affordable anchor kit
  • Galvanized steel
  • Holding power
  • Sharp flukes


  • Only one size available


The best boat anchor depends on the size of your boat and the conditions you’re likely to encounter. If you need a comprehensive anchor kit, we recommend the MarineNow Deluxe Portable 13 lb Fluke Style Anchor Kit since it comes with everything you need.

If you already have the hardware you need for anchoring your boat or don’t mind shopping for it separately, we think the Extreme Max Navy Anchor is an excellent choice. It’s a versatile anchor that you can use on different surfaces, thanks to the combination of the fluke design and swivel action.