NADAguides vs Boat Crazy

Boat Crazy assists buyers and sellers in finding the boat they're looking for, and interested buyers can directly get in touch with sellers if need be. Above all, buyers do not have to create an account to browse. NADAGuides, on the other hand, is renowned for pricing and value information around all boat categories. Learn more below.

New and Used Boat Pricing

National Appraisal Guides (NADAguides)

NADAguides offers pricing and value information for boats in categories such as power boats, sailboats, and personal watercraft. Pricing details are also available for equipment like outboard motors and boat trailers.

Each boat category has unique features, valuing points, and depreciation standards. Side-by-side comparisons help highlight differences between pricing, warranty specifications, features, and other relevant valuing information between two boat options. That can help distinguish variables between two makes or models of boats or personal watercraft.

Comparison tools allow consumers to compare up to three watersports products and pricing specifications. Additional tools, such as boat financing calculators, provide helpful insight which aids consumers in making a purchase decision.

NADAguides boat valuations use multiple data analysis methods to establish accurate pricing comparisons. Wholesale and retail transaction information from a variety of sources and boat sales sites, such as, help determine average value estimates.

Site reporting variations, averages, and client habits factor into overall calculations, giving an accurate yet variable perception of average pricing. Consumer preferences, standard equipment, and available accessories, and sales tax calculations are all variable figures which influence overall estimates.

NADAguides considers MSRP records and disparities, average customer and dealer invoice totals, and equipment facts and trends to establish values. Other market indicators, such as economic changes, geographic conditions, and local and industry market tendencies, also influence overall costs. Branding data and details may also factor into NADAguides estimates as trends occur and consumer preferences shift.

NADAguides values derive from a national average, meaning that a boat can be worth considerably more or less than typical market value. Fluctuations in market trends, weather conditions, and consumer habits can affect the prices customers can expect to pay for a boat and its accessories. Geographical locations and features also influence pricing differences and fluctuations.

Boat Crazy

Sellers and buyers will find everything they need at Boat Crazy. The site offers a full experience from the initial research to financing to getting the purchase delivered. It has both new and used crafts, including vintage ones. While it specializes in boats, it also has personal watercraft, engines, and trailer for sale too. The website is barebones and focuses on the essentials.

The search interface is user-friendly with tips on getting better results. Users can select the type, make, length, and year of their choice with slide bars or text input. They can also filter them by location or limit it to used, new, or both. They can sort by price, year, make, and length. The group of thumbnail images has the location, year, and price to make the process quicker.

Buyers can browse without creating an account. Sellers and dealers must register to put items for sale, using the appropriate form.

Each listing has the selection’s images along with links to contact the seller, favorite it to create a shortlist, or share with someone else. There are additional ones to shop for financing, insurance, and transport. If it is a dealer sale, the user can opt to view the marina’s inventory. The description and specs depend on what the seller has put in the ad, so the extent of the content varies.

Sellers can list their item for an one-time fee, based on the price of the sale. It can have unlimited text and up to 36 photos. The ad will continue to run until it is sold by renewing every 60 days for free. The advertisement will also run on the Facebook Marketplace for more exposure. Boat Crazy provides robust reporting tools to gauge its performance.

Boat Crazy also offers a wealth of resources. Its boat valuation tool allows sellers and buyers alike to find the suggested list and retail prices. Users can also compare their selection with similar boats using their search form. The site also provides a list of insurance companies to start the process of getting a quote. They can also compare boat loans or arrange for shipping.