2012 Woodland Park Prices, Values and Specs

Select a 2012 Woodland Park Series

(2016 - 1991)

Park Models

Resort Series

M-3012-6 Grand Haven

M-3011-13L Agusta

M-3011-15L Crystal Falls

M-3011-3 Yuma

Resort XL Series

M-3011-21L XL Charleston

M-3011-23L XL Cape May

M-3011-25L XL Saratoga

M-3011-27 XL Buena Vista

M-3011-29 XL Vermillion

Signature Series

M-SS-20L Super Loft, Side Kitchen

M-SS-34 Double Loft, Island Kitchen

M-SS-12L Loft and Half, Side Kitchen, Grandview Bay

M-SS-15 Single Bedroom, Side Kitchen

M-SS-35L Double Loft, Front Kitchen

M-SS-36 Single Bedroom, Center Kitchen

M-SS-37L Double Loft, Angle Kitchen

Timber Ridge Series

M-3812-19 3-Bedroom Jack and Jill

M-3812-20 Horseshoe Kitchen, Rear Bedroom

M-3812-21L Loft and Half, Center Stairway

M-3812-22L Super Loft, Horseshoe Kitchen

M-3812-23L Super Loft, Angled Kitchen

M-3812-1 Front Kitchen

M-4011-13 Grand View Bay, Side Kitchen

M-4011-14L Grand View Bay, Super Loft

M-4011-17L Double Loft, Horsehoe Kitchen

M-4011-25 Private Bedroom and Bath

M-4011-27 Front Kitchen

M-4011-40L Double Gable Front, Angle Kitchen

M-4011-44L Double Loft, Front Kitchen

M-4011-45 Euro Kitchen and Great Room

M-4011-46L Euro Kitchen, Loft and A Half

M-4011-2 Center Kitchen

M-4011-47 Side Kitchen With Banquet and Middle Cath Living Room

M-4011-48 Middle Cath L/R Banquet, 2 Loft

Woodland Park has been operating since 1983 as a state of Indiana builder of custom park models. Ranging from 30 to 44 feet in length, Woodland Park model units are professionally constructed to the United States and Canadian standards. Woodland Park provides home-like accommodations for long term vacationing.