2012 Chalet Prices, Values and Specs

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2012 Note

CAMPING TRAILERS - In addition to what is standard, pricing also includes Classic Premium package(except LTW-Base)and XL models includes XL Premium Package.

(2016 - 2001)

Camping Trailers





XL 1920

XL 1930

XL 1935

XL 1938

Truck Campers

S 85-RS

S 95-R

S 100-F

DS 116-FB

DS 116-RB

TS 116-FB

Founded when Chris and Brenda Hanson brought Chalet RV Manufacturing, Chalet has specialized in the creation of compact, innovative recreational vehicles. Initially producing small-scale camping trailers in 1998 that could be pulled by many passenger cars, Chalet expanded their line-up with travel trailers and truck campers. Chalet camping trailers incorporates patented mechanical and electrical lift systems designed to easier, faster operations than the competitor’s technology. Chalet has been operating in Albany, Oregon since the company was established.