2007 Safari Prices, Values and Specs

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Safari Note

MOTORHOMES - No longer producing this line after 2009.

(2009 - 1991)


Cheetah Series

M-36PDD (350hp)

M-38PDQ (350hp)

M-40PBQ (350hp)

M-40PLQ (350hp)

M-40SFD (350hp)

M-40SKT (350hp)

Damara B-Plus Series

M-214 Chevrolet

M-214 Ford

M-213 Chevrolet

M-213 Ford

M-235-S Chevrolet

M-235-S Ford

M-251 Chevrolet

M-251 Ford

M-252DS Chevrolet

M-252DS Ford

M-285 Chevrolet

M-285 Ford

M-293TS Chevrolet

M-293TS Ford

Damara Sport Series

M-210 Ford

M-210 Chevrolet

Damara Touring Series

M-210 Ford

M-210 Chevrolet

Ivory Series

M-25SB Chevrolet

M-25SB Ford

M-25SR Chevrolet

M-25SR Ford

M-28QS Chevrolet

M-28QS Ford

M-29RQ Chevrolet

M-29RQ Ford

M-31SL Chevrolet

M-31SL Ford

Passage Series

M-310 Ford

M-310 Workhorse

Simba Diesel Series

M-34SBD Roadmaster Rear Engine

M-36PBQ Roadmaster Rear Engine

M-36PDD Roadmaster Rear Engine

M-36PDQ Roadmaster Rear Engine

M-37PBD Roadmaster Rear Engine

M-37PCT Freightliner Front Engine

M-38PBT Roadmaster Rear Engine

M-38SBD Freightliner Front Engine

M-38SBS Freightliner Toy Hauler Front Engine

M-38SDD Freightliner Front Engine

M-38TS Freightliner Toy HaulerL FR Engine

Simba Series

M-33PBD Ford

M-33PBD Workhorse

M-33SFS Workhorse

M-34SBD Ford

M-34SBD Workhorse

M-36DBD Ford

M-36DBD Workhorse

M-37PRT Ford

M-37PRT Workhorse

M-37PCT Ford

M-37PCT Workhorse

Simba SVE Series

M-30PBS Ford

M-30PBS Workhorse

M-30PDD Ford

M-30PDD Workhorse

M-30SFS Ford

M-30SFS Workhorse

M-33PBD Ford

M-33PBD Workhorse

Trek Series

M-27RB Workhorse

M-28RB2 Workhorse

M-29RBD Workhorse

Founded in 1986 as an independent motorhome builder in the state of Oregon, Safari eventually became part of the Monaco Coach Corporation. Safari focused on the construction of Class A and Class C adventure-oriented motorhomes. The Class A motorhomes in the Safari line ranges up to 45 feet in length. The Safari brand was discontinued after the 2009 model year when Monaco Coach Corporation was sold to Navistar.