2005 Pilgrim International Inc Prices, Values and Specs

Important note for Pilgrim International Inc

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - Prices include air conditioner, 35,000btu furnace, 10-gallon DSI water heater, AM/FM/CD/cassette, stabilizer jacks and fiberglass front cap. No further information available after 2009.
(*) These models include vacuum bonded upgraded exterior.

Select a 2005 Pilgrim International Inc Series

(2009 - 2003)

5th Wheel

Open Road Series

M-296 RLS-5

M-316 RLS-5

M-332 RKS-5

M-340 RBHS-5

M-349 RLDS-5

M-357 RLDS-5

M-361 RKDS-5

M-369 RBHS-5

M-395 FLDS-5

M-396 RDDS-5

Pilgrim Series

M-254 RKSS-5

M-258 RBSS-5

M-274 RLSS-5

M-276 BHSS-5D

M-280 RBSS-5

M-297 RKSS-5

M-299 RLSS-5

M-320 BHSS-5

Travel Trailers

Lake Series




Open Road Series

M-298 RLS

M-318 RLDS

M-321 RBHS

Pilgrim Series

M-190 RB

M-235 BHS

M-237 RKS

M-236 RB

M-241 BHSS

M-271 BH

M-266 RLSS

M-281 RBS

M-282 RBSS

M-283 RB

M-284 BH

M-290 BHSS

M-294 BHSS

M-295 BHSS

M-306 RLSS

M-308 FLSS

M-309 RLSS

M-315 FKSS

M-337 BHSS

M-338 BHSS

Building spacious fifth wheel and travel trailers, Pilgrim International Incorporated was founded in 2003. Travel trailers produced by Pilgrim International Incorporated range from 23 to 41 feet in length and fifth wheel trailers span up to 40 feet. Pilgrim International Incorporated went out of business after the 2009 model year with EverGreen RV acquiring only some of the assets belonging to the former company.