1998 Rexhall Prices, Values and Specs

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Rexhall Note

MOTORHOMES - Previously Airex. 1995-current prices include color TV, video tape player, AM/FM cassette, 6-gal water heater, microwave/convection oven, roof air conditioning, power entry step, and generator are included in price.

(2012 - 1995)


Aerbus Series

M-XL2800 (Widebody)

M-XL2900 (Widebody)

M-XL2900DS (Widebody)

M-XL2900FB (Widebody)

M-XL3000 (Widebody)

M-XL3100 (Widebody)

M-XL3100GT (Widebody)

M-XL3200 (Widebody)

M-XL3250 (Widebody)

M-XL3300 (Widebody)

M-XL3300S (Widebody)

Length: 33'6"
Coach Design: Motor Home (Class A)
Floor Plan: King Bed
Self Contained: Yes
M-XL3300S (Widebody)

Length: 34'6"
Coach Design: Motor Home (Class A)
Floor Plan: King Bed
Self Contained: Yes
M-XL3400 (Widebody)

M-XL3450 (Widebody)

M-XL3450GR (Widebody)

M-XL3300 (Widebody) Diesel

M-XL3400 (Widebody) Diesel

M-XL3450 (Widebody) Diesel

M-XL3450GT (Widebody) Diesel

M-XL3500 (Widebody)

M-XL3550 (Widebody)

M-XL3550D (Widebody)

M-XL3550GT (Widebody)

M-XL3500 (Widebody) Diesel

M-XL3550 (Widebody) Diesel

M-XL3550GT (Widebody) Diesel

M-XL3600 (Widebody) Diesel

M-XL3600S (Widebody)

M-XL3650 (Widebody)

M-XL3650 (Widebody) Diesel

M-XL3650GT (Widebody)

M-XL3650GT (Widebody) Diesel

M-XL3800 (Widebody)

American Clipper Series

C-23 (Widebody)

C-25 (Widebody)

C-27 (Widebody)

C-29 (Widebody)

C-34 (Widebody)

Anthem Series




Rexair Series

M-SL2800 (Widebody)

M-SL2900 (Widebody)

M-SL2900DS (Widebody)

M-SL2900FB (Widebody)

M-SL3000 (Widebody)

M-SL3100 (Widebody

M-SL3100GT (Widebody)

M-SL3200 (Widebody)

M-SL3250 (Widebody)

M-SL3300 (Widebody)

M-SL3300S (Widebody)

M-SL3400 (Widebody)

M-SL3450 (Widebody)

M-SL3450GT (Widebody)

M-SL3300 (Widebody) Diesel

M-SL3300S (Widebody) Diesel

M-SL3400 (Widebody) Diesel

M-SL3450 (Widebody) Diesel

M-SL3450GT (Widebody) Diesel

M-SL3500 (Widebody)

M-SL3550 (Widebody)

M-SL3550D (Widebody)

M-SL3550GT (Widebody)

M-SL3500 (Widebody) Diesel

M-SL3550D (Widebody) Diesel

M-SL3550GT (Widebody) Diesel

M-SL3600 (Widebody)

M-SL3600 (Widebody) Diesel

M-SL3650 (Widebody)

M-SL3650 (Widebody) Diesel

M-SL3650GT (Widebody)

M-SL3650GT (Widebody) Diesel

M-SL3800 (Widebody)

Rollsair/Roseair Series

M-2800 (Widebody)

M-2900 (Widebody)

M-2900DS (Widebody)

M-2900FB (Widebody)

M-3000 (Widebody)

M-3100 (Widebody)

M-3100GT (Widebody)

M-3200 (Widebody)

M-3250 (Widebody)

M-3300 (Widebody)

M-3300S (Widebody)

M-3400 (Widebody)

M-3450 (Widebody)

M-3450GT (Widebody)

M-3300 (Widebody) Diesel

M-3300S (Widebody) Diesel

M-3400 (Widebody) Diesel

M-3450 (Widebody) Diesel

M-3450GT (Widebody) Diesel

M-3550 (Widebody)

M-3550D (Widebody)

M-3550GT (Widebody)

M-3500 (Widebody)

M-3500 (Widebody) Diesel

M-3550D (Widebody) Diesel

M-3550GT (Widebody) Diesel

M-3600S (Widebody)

M-3600S (Widebody) Diesel

M-3650 (Widebody)

M-3650 (Widebody) Diesel

M-3650GT (Widebody)

M-3650GT (Widebody) Diesel

M-3800 (Widebody)

Vision Series

V-23 (Widebody)

V-25 (Widebody)

V-27 (Widebody)

V-29 (Widebody)

V-34 (Widebody)

Rexhall was founded in 1986 by an intrepid young Bill Rex as a motorhome manufacturer in the state of California. Specializing in the construction of Class A motorhomes, Rexhall recreational vehicles range from 26.5 to 40 feet in length. Featuring their patented T-Rex design, Rexhall double full-body slide out allows for an enormous amount of interior room at the campground or RV lot. Rexhall vehicles are also viewed favorably by commercial and government entities for the company’s ability to build customized products.