1998 Dutch Star Prices, Values and Specs

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Dutch Star Note

MOTORHOMES - Microwave, AM/FM cassette stereo, color TV, and water heater are included in price as standard equipment. Diesel pusher models also include air conditioner, generator, rear video monitor and hydraulic jacks. (*)price includes slide-out room(s) as standard equipment.

1998 Note

MOTORHOMES - All 1998 Spartan models are 300hp and all Freightliner (frtln, fln) models are 210hp unless otherwise noted.

(2016 - 1991)





M-3256-Chevrolet (*)

M-3256-Ford (*)

M-3256-Freightliner-Tag (*)




M-3450-Chevrolet (*)

M-3450-Ford (*)

M-3450-Freightliner-Tag (*)

M-3451-Chevrolet (*)

M-3451-Ford (*)

M-3451-Freightliner-Tag (*)

M-3455-Chevrolet (*)

M-3455-Ford (*)

M-3455-Freightliner-Tag (*)

M-3456-Chevrolet (*)

M-3456-Ford (*)

M-3456-Freightliner-Tag (*)

M-3558-Freightliner 300hp (*)

M-3558-Spartan (*)

M-3656-Chevrolet (*)

M-3656-Ford (*)

M-3656-Freightliner (*)

M-3658-Chevrolet (*)

M-3658-Ford (*)

M-3658-Freightliner (*)

M-3857-Freightliner 300hp (*)

M-3857-Spartan (*)

M-3858-Freightliner 300hp (*)

M-3858-Spartan (*)

M-3860-Freightliner 300hp (*)

M-3860-Spartan (*)

M-3865-Freightliner 300hp (*)

M-3865-Spartan (*)

M-3866-Freightliner 300hp (*)

M-3866-Spartan (*)

M-3883-Freightliner 300hp (*)

M-3883-Spartan (*)

Introduced in 1991 by Newmar, the Dutch Star brand of recreational vehicles providing spacious, home-like comfort at the campground. Dutch Star motorhomes are Class A variety vehicles powered by diesel powerplants. In the early years of the Dutch Star name, hitch and fifth wheel trailers were also sold for a three-year stint. Modern Dutch Star motorhomes have adopted more upscale materials choices including oil bronze lamp fixtures and polished porcelain tiles.