1994 Coachmen Prices, Values and Specs

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Coachmen Note

CAMPING TRAILERS - 1995-current pricing includes furnace and awning.
(*)These models also include a refrigerator.

(2009 - 1967)

Camping Trailers

M-165 SD-Clipper

M-190 SD-Clipper

M-220 FD-Clipper

M-230 SD-Clipper

M-230 SDS-Clipper


Catalina Series

M-195 RK-Chevrolet

M-200 CB-Chevrolet

M-220 RK-Chevrolet

M-220 RK-Ford

M-300 MB-Ford Diesel

M-320 MB-Chevrolet

M-320 MB-Ford

M-350 SI-Chevrolet

M-350 SI-Ford

Destiny Series

M-365 Freightliner-Diesel

M-380 SB-Diesel

M-370 SI-Diesel

Leprechaun Series

M-275 QB-Ford

M-290 RF-Ford

Santara Series

M-240 CB-Ford

M-260 Freightliner-Ford

M-280 QB-Ford

M-285 SI-Ford

M-287 Freightliner-Ford

M-310 MB-Diesel

M-320 Freightliner-Diesel

M-320 Freightliner-Ford

M-350 Freightliner-Ford

Van Camper Series



M-19 RB-Ford

M-19 RB-GM

M-19 RD-Ford

M-19 RD-GM


5th Wheel

Catalina Lite Series

M-210 RB

Catalina Series

M-220 RB

M-237 RL

M-255 TB

M-275 RK

M-278 RKLP

M-270 RL

M-285 RK

M-315 RL

M-360 RK

Maxxum Series

M-287 RL

M-300 RL

M-328 RK

M-320 RK

Travel Trailers

Catalina Lite Series

M-200 RB

M-205 FK

M-210 MB

M-230 BH

M-248 TB

M-240 MB

Catalina Series

M-260 FK

M-269 FL

M-268 FK

M-275 TB

M-280 RK

M-298 FK

M-299 TB

M-310 WB

M-330 FS

M-340 FK

M-350 TB

M-350 TBS

Maxxum Series

M-298 FK

M-310 TB

Royal Series

M-269 FL-Imperial

M-280 RK-Imperial

M-298 FK-Imperial

M-310 WB-Imperial

M-330 FS-Imperial

M-340 FK-Imperial

Truck Campers

M-070 SD Clipper

M-080 SD Clipper

M-080 SD Sport

M-085 SD Sport

M-095 SD Ranger

M-095 SD Sport

M-115 RD Ranger

M-115 SD Ranger

M-115 SE Ranger

M-115 SL Ranger

Founded in 1964, Coachmen developed a rich, diverse presence in the recreational vehicle and unit marketplace. Originally constructing travel trailers and truck campers for the vacationing customer, Coachmen would soon add motorhomes to their product array. In recent years, the product assortment for Coachmen provides something for nearly all vacationers from simple deployable camping trailers to over 40-foot class A motorhomes. Since 2008, Coachmen has existed as a division of Forest River Incorporated.