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MOTORHOMES - No longer in production after 1987. Formerly True North.

(1987 - 1987)


M-2410 Chevrolet

M-2410 Ford

M-2420 Chevrolet

M-2420 Ford

M-2430 Chevrolet

M-2430 Ford

M-2440 Chevrolet

M-2440 Ford

M-2450 Chevrolet

M-2450 Ford

M-4640 Chevrolet

M-2610 Chevrolet

M-2610 Ford

M-2620 Chevrolet

M-2620 Ford

M-2630 Chevrolet

M-2630 Ford

M-2650 Chevrolet

M-2650 Ford

M-2660 Chevrolet

M-2660 Ford

Spawned from the True North recreational product brand, Tommy produced motorhomes during the 1987 model year. Family-oriented units based on Ford and Chevrolet van chassis frames, Tommy Class C motorhomes can be found in lengths from 24-foot as well as 26-foot. Tommy motorhome production lasted for only one year.