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Kelley Blue Book - a car appraisal firm.
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Terms like "Black Book", "Blue book" and "book value" are pretty common, even generic, expressions at any car dealership you shop. Car dealers use "Blue Books", "Black Books" or any book to determine an asking price for their automotive inventory. Some car "Book values" help to validate dealer pricing while others provide accurate information based on actual selling prices. Kelley Blue Books helps individual car dealers validate their asking price. Kelley sells several price guides for used cars, but sells their "Kelley Blue Book Auto Market Report — Official Guide" to dealers only.

About Kelley Blue Book
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The Kelley Blue Book asking price can be equated to paying full MSRP (sticker price) for a new car. “Kelley Blue Book” prices may also include additional markup for undefined services like automotive inspections, body or interior reconditioning and possibly even third party car warrantee products. Car buyers in the market for a new or used vehicle not only need to identify what they want and need out of a vehicle, but also need to be prepared with the proper car pricing information necessary for making a wise vehicle purchase decision. Before buying your next car truck or SUV keep in mind "SUGGESTED RETAIL VALUES" represent Kelly Blue Book's estimated dealer asking price. The actual selling price may vary substantially."

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