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National Appraisal Guides Inc. is the largest publisher of new and used vehicle pricing, information, and tools

For decades, NADAguides has been relied on for publishing the most market reflective vehicle pricing and information. NADAguides began with the very well known orange and blue printed guidebooks which are to this day relied on by hundreds of thousands of individuals each year. Today, NADAguides has become a leader in vehicle data publishing and the technology that delivers it including digital web applications, mobile applications, raw data formats, web services as well as web-syndicated products. NADAguides is the largest publisher of vehicle pricing and information for new and used cars, classic cars, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, RVs and manufactured homes.

The company has built the largest database of vehicle transactions and gained the most far-reaching marketplace knowledge. This legacy of information and expertise forms the foundation on which we publish vehicle pricing and information. Our rich and deep history provides the foundation to the accuracy and trustworthiness of the information that is provided each and every day.


In late 1998, NADAguides.com was launched to provide values, tools, products and services to assist automotive, marine, powersports, recreation vehicle and manufactured housing consumers during their research and decision-making process. NADAguides offers a broad range of data, products and services, informational articles, tips and advice and video buying guides that help make the vehicle purchasing process easier for consumers. In addition to being known as the leading provider of vehicle pricing and services to consumers, NADAguides is also the largest provider of vehicle data and information to the nation's leading banks, credit unions, fleet and lease organizations, dealers, insurance companies, government agencies and financial institutions.

This Website, www.NADAguides.com, is owned and operated by National Appraisal Guides, Inc., a strategic ally of J.D. Power and Associates. The name “NADA” as well as any trademarks displayed on this Website incorporating the name “NADA” are owned by the National Automobile Dealers Association (“NADA”) and are used on this Website under sublicense from J.D. Power and Associates. Any valuation information pertaining to used passenger cars and light duty trucks displayed on this Website is produced and owned by, and is used under license from, J.D. Power and Associates. Any valuation information pertaining to vehicles other than passenger cars or light duty trucks that is displayed on this Website is owned and produced by National Appraisal Guides, Inc.

The Recognized Authority

There is an explanation for why millions of vehicle shoppers, dealers, financial institutions, credit unions, government agencies, insurance companies, remarketers, auctions, manufacturers and rental agencies depend on NADAguides. Our customers know that NADAguides is the authoritative, complete source for all the information they need to make buying, selling and business decisions about vehicle transactions.

Because our vehicle pricing and information is unbiased, everyone from consumers to credit unions and banks, governments to insurance companies, lawyers to manufacturers and rental agencies, looks to NADAguides as the authority in vehicle pricing and information.

Consumers - In-market shoppers rely on NADAguides to provide them with the most accurate new and used vehicle information available including what to pay for a new vehicle, a used vehicle or what the expected trade-in value is of their current vehicle.

Finance - Lenders, business analysts and others use NADAguides for vehicle loan origination, loan underwriting, funding, repossession, floor planning, portfolio management, portfolio acquisition and more.

Government - State administrators use NADAguides to assess taxes on vehicles. Federal officials in the Department of Justice and the FBI use NADAguides for asset / forfeiture purposes, while the Social Security Administration uses NADAguides to determine benefits. State Departments of Motor Vehicles use NADAguides to determine the actual cash value for a specific time period regarding a bill of sale.

Insurance - Appraisers, claims adjusters and agents use NADAguides for underwriting and policies, as well as to estimate claim total loss, threshold and reserve amounts.

Dealers - Buyers, managers and principals use NADAguides for pricing inventory, assessing customer trade-ins, making decisions at auction, setting asking prices and for paperwork in the F&I department.

OEMs / Captive Finance - OEM Remarketing Managers use NADAguides to assess the value of their fleet and for pricing off-lease vehicles. Captive Finance Risk Managers use NADAguides for loan origination, loan underwriting, funding, etc. Whether your needs are for buying, selling, trading, managing or appraising, NADAguides is committed to providing the most comprehensive and market-reflective vehicle pricing and information available today.

What is the difference between NADAguides, the NADA Official Used Car Guide® and the National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA)?

Collectively, NADAguides, the NADA Official used Car Guide® and the NADA (National Automotive Dealers Association) offer consumers, government agencies, automobile dealers and related industries the most extensive collection of tools and resources available in the automotive and related industries. With such a wide variety of needs and customers, each organization offers distinctive and specific resources to meet the needs of their respective customers.

NADAguides is the premiere consumer resource for vehicle information and valuation available online via NADAguides.com and makes the printed NADA Official Guides available to the general public. NADAguides.com is the most comprehensive site on the Internet today offering vehicle information and valuation on new and used cars, trucks, classic cars, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, personal watercraft, recreation vehicles (RVs) and manufactured homes. NADAguides is based in Costa Mesa, Calif. and its website is www.NADAguides.com.

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) represents more than 19,700 new car and truck dealers, both domestic and international, with more than 37,500 separate franchises. It provides counsel on legal and regulatory matters, represents dealers on Capitol Hill, develops research data about the automobile industry, and operates training and service programs to improve dealership business operations, sales and service practices. NADA is located in McLean, Va. and its website is www.NADA.org.

The NADA Official Used Car Guide provides used vehicle valuation products and services for financial institutions, credit unions, government agencies, insurance companies, remarketers, dealers, auctions, manufacturers and rental agencies. In addition to print guides, a variety of vehicle data is available in electronic format, including online and CD-ROM information. The organization is located in McLean, Va. and its website is www.NADA.com/b2b.

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