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The Tesla Model S is Tesla's second all-electric model. While the roadster was strictly for enthusiasts, the Model S is a "do-everything" sports sedan, with great range and performance car-like acceleration with the added practicality of room for 5.

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Fully electric drivetrain luxurious interior with plenty of space, great performance, good looks

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The problem with electric vehicles has always been range. Tesla has dealt with this by employing bigger and better batteries in the Model S than have previously been seen in electric vehicles. Even with the smallest batteries in its most basic trim, Tesla still claims a 200+ mile range for the Model S, easily besting the range of any of its potential competitors. Beyond the drivetrain though, the Model S is a competent luxury car. There is lots of room both inside the passenger cabin and in the trunk, making the Model S both spacious and practical. The car can even be fitted with a pair of rear facing jump seats pushing the seating total up to seven. Model S ownership starts at around $57,400, making it comparable to many European large luxury sedans, and while the Model S matches most of these sedans in terms of luxury and performance, it offers other benefits they can't hope to match.