Used 2009 Jeep Crossover Values!

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(Model years 2018 - 1930)
Accommodating either five or seven passengers, the 2009 Jeep Commander is a midsize SUV that is also a capable off-road performer.
A fuel-efficient car-based SUV, the 2009 Jeep Compass is roomy enough for five passengers and a fair amount of cargo as well.
For a midsize five-passenger SUV, the Jeep Grand Cherokee offers a powerful array of engines and plenty of options, making it a perennial favorite.
For a rather tall SUV, the 2009 Jeep Liberty exhibits impressive handling, which is only one of its many attributes, others including great safety ratings, luxury options and room for five passengers.
A compact car-based SUV, the rugged, entry-level 2009 Jeep Patriot boasts safety, fuel economy and off-road readiness.
A small two-door SUV with a convertible top, the 2009 Jeep Wrangler is known for its outstanding off-road muscle and fun, rough-and-tumble image.
For those of you who want more Jeep, the four-door 2009 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited SUV with a convertible top accommodates five passengers, 86 cubic feet of cargo space and 3,500 pounds of towing capability.

Jeep, a division of Chrysler, is the off-road iconoclast founded in 1941. Jeep has roots that come from the Military which explains why the SUVs are still such able, rugged vehicles to this day. The term Jeep is synonymous with off-road vehicles and the capability to go almost anywhere. Find Jeep prices below or browse Jeep deals.