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A new division of Toyota aiming at a younger generation, the all-new 2004 Scion xA is a subcompact four-door, five-passenger car which gets over 30 mpg in the city and on the highway.
The 2004 Scion xB is a totally new five-passenger compact wagon with a distinct boxy shape and fuel-economy ratings of over 30 mpg for both the city and the highway.

An all-new brand launched by Toyota for the 2004 model year, Scion is an automotive ideology targeted towards Generation Y new car buyers. For its inaugural year of sales in select areas of the United States, Scion has prepared two brand specific subcompact cars. Both derived from Japan, the xA and xB compact vehicles are dedicated to fostering the appearance of the new marque as a value-oriented brand. The 2004 Scion xA is a sporty subcompact hatchback-like vehicle while the xB is defined by a box-like wagon shape. Both 2004 Scion vehicles are value-oriented products with impressive standard features such as air conditioning, power windows and a CD audio system. One part of Scion's image is the promotion of customization to their vehicles through the availability of factory-authorized components.