2012 Sunset Park & RV Inc Truck Camper Prices and Specs

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Sunset Park & RV Inc Note

TRUCK CAMPERS - Due to limited resale activity, we are unable to determine used values. No longer manufacturing.

2012 Note

TRUCK CAMPERS - Pricing includes comfort package.

(2016 - 2008)

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A family-owned manufacturer of lightweight travel trailers founded in 2008, Sunset Park & RV Incorporated is a state of Indiana based builder of recreational products suiting various leisure needs. Featuring the Sunray and EZ Traveler line of travel trailers, Sunset Park & RV Incorporated is also behind the Eagle River line of truck campers as well as Rush brand of toy hauler trailers. Sunset Park & RV Incorporated trailers were designed so the typical, modern passenger vehicle can effortlessly tow to a weekend destination.