2012 Keystone RV

Sydney 10th Anniversary Fifth Wheel Series M-288 FRL Special Notes

Special Notes

Keystone RV Note

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - Prices include air conditioner, awning, stabilizer jacks, microwave, AM/FM cassette stereo and water heater with DSI. Challenger and Hornet previously listed under Damon Corporation.

2012 Note

In addition to standard items, Alpine includes, fireplace, Alps and Chateau Package. Avalanche includes Whiteout and Base Camp Package. Bullet Ultra Lite and Premier include Premier (on Premier only), Exterior, Interior and Thermal package. Sprinter Copper Canyon includes Camping Made Easy and Customer First Safety Package. Energy includes High Energy, Entertainment Package and upgraded generator. Laredo includes Best in Class Package. Outback 10th Anniversary includes Comfort, Designer and 10th Anniversary Packages, LCD Campsite Theater (except 298 RE), 32" HD LCD TV (only on 298 RE). Passport Ultra Lite and Super Lite include Exterior and Interior Packages. Raptor travel trailers and fifth wheel (297 SE only) include Premium, Safety, Interior and Exterior Value Packages. Raptor Fifth Wheel pricing includes Raptor Velocity, Entertainment, Premium Wheel, Interior, Exterior, Luxury and Safety Packages. 365 LEV and 4014 LEV includes 12' 4 door refrigerator. Residence includes Residential Package. Retreat includes Retreat Standard Package. Springdale SRT includes Rugged Terrain, Deluxe Entertainment and Pacific Packages. Springdale 5k includes Pacific Package. Springdale includes fiberglass exterior (fifth wheels only) and Pacific Package. Sydney 10th Anniversary includes Sydney Designer, Comfort and 10th Anniversary Packages. Sprinter includes Camping Made Easy, Customer First Safety and Premium Packages, 32" LCD TV. Summerland includes Summer and Premium Upgrade Packages. Hornet Platinum includes Platinum and Hornet Luxury Packages. Cougar High Country includes Camping in Style, Value and Polar Packages, 32" LCD TV, high gloss grey exterior and upgraded countertops. Cougar includes Camping in Style, Value, Convenience and Polar Packages and 32" LCD TV. Cougar includes Camping in Style, Value, Convenience and Polar Packages. Fuzion travel trailers and fifth wheels include Intense, Interior and Extreme Exterior Packages, 4000 watt gas generator. Fuzion (fifth wheels only) include Gear It Up Garage and Performance Packages, dual pane windows and dual A/C. Passport GT models include Exterior and Interior Packages. Mountaineer includes medallion hi-gloss sidewalls, aluminum wheels, Moving to Montana and Hickory Package. In addition to previously mentioned Mountaineer M-375 also includes, upgraded suspension with hitch, exterior entertainment center, dinette, upgraded kitchen counter tops, 19" Bedroom LCD TV, 30" microwave and bathroom power vent. Montana High Country includes fireplace, 12' 4 door refrigerator (models 313 and 343 only), Moving to Montana and High Country Packages. Montana Hickory includes hi-gloss gel coated exterior, ducted 2nd 13,500 BTU A/C, 12' 4 door refrigerator(excludes model 3150 RL), fireplace, Moving to Montana and Hickory Edition Packages. Montana Big Sky includes hi-gloss gel coated exterior, ducted 2nd 13,500 BTU A/C, 12' 4 door refrigerator (excludes model 3150 RL), fireplace, Moving to Montana and Big Sky Packages.
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