2012 Idle-Time Prices, Values and Specs

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Idle-Time Note

TRUCK CAMPERS - No longer manufacturing this line after 2007.

(2017 - 1972)

Park Models

Idle-Time 8X36 FL

Idle-Time 8X40 FK

Idle-Time 8X40 FL

Idle-Time 8X41 FL

Idle-Time 8X43 FL

Idle-Time 8X44 FB

5th Wheel

M-2500 SS

M-2610 FRK

M-2610 FRKS

M-8-2690 RETS

M-2800 FBHSS

M-2840 FRBSS

M-2870 FRLSS

M-2875 FRKSS

M-2900 FRLSS

M-3070 FBHSS

Lite Series

M-1910 FRBL

M-2350 FRKL

M-2390 FBHL

M-2450 FBHS

M-2550 FRBL

Outpost Lite Series

M-199 RB

M-230 FRKS

M-249 BH

M-255 RKDS

Travel Trailers

M-2580 RK

M-2580 RKS

M-2730 FK

M-2770 FK

M-2810 FLS

M-2880 FKS

M-2920 FB

M-2930 FK

M-2930 RKSS

M-3290 FBSS

Lite Series

M-1810 RBL

M-2100 FQBL

M-2150 BHL

M-2330 BHQL

Outpost Lite Series

M-180 FB

M-185 FB

M-201 FBS

M-221 FB

M-231 BH

M-241 RKS

M-251 FB

M-261 FL

M-271 BH

M-279 RBSS

M-281 BHSS

M-283 FKSS

M-299 RKSS

M-320 QBSS

M-325 FKDS

When E.C. Peay grew discontent with truck campers on the market in 1958, he formed Allen Camping Manufacturing Company that would eventually created Idle-Time. Idle-Time would expand beyond truck campers in 1979 adding travel trailers to their product offerings. Leaving the truck camper business behind after 2007, Idle-Time has been dedicated in recent years to the construction of fifth wheel and travel trailers as well as park model units spanning up to 44 feet in length.