2012 Carson Trailer Travel Trailer/5th Wheel Prices and Specs

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Carson Trailer Note

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - Due to limited resale activity,we are unable to determine used values

(2016 - 1998)

5th Wheel

Fun Runner Series

M-323 FT

M-363 FT

M-403 FT

M-423 FT

Travel Trailers

Carrera Lite Series

M-202 CD

M-242 CD

M-262 CD

M-262 CM

M-282 CD

M-283 CL

M-283 CM

M-303 CM

M-323 CD

M-323 CM

Fun Runner Series

M-162 FL

M-182 CL

M-182 FC

M-182 FL

M-202 CL

M-202 DV

M-202 FC

M-202 FDE

M-202 FL

M-222 CL

M-222 DV

M-222 FC

M-222 FDE

M-222 FL

M-232 SB

M-242 CL

M-242 DV

M-242 FC

M-242 FDE

M-242 FL

M-252 SB

M-262 CB

M-262 CL

M-262 DV

M-262 FC

M-262 FDE

M-262 MB

M-272 SB

M-282 FDE

M-283 CB

M-283 DV

M-283 FC

M-283 MB

M-293 SB

M-303 CB

M-303 DV

M-303 MB

M-323 DV

M-323 FDE

M-323 MB

Fun Runner Xtreme Series

M-162 XL

M-182 XC

M-182 XL

M-202 XC

M-202 XL

M-2022 XD

M-222 XC

M-222 XD

M-222 XL

M-232 XB

M-242 XC

M-242 XD

M-242 XL

M-252 XB

M-262 XC

M-262 XD

M-262 XM

M-272 XB

M-282 XD

M-283 XC

M-283 XM

M-293 XB

M-303 XM

M-323 XD

M-323 XM

Kalispell Series

M-101 KA

Rebel Series

M-142 FR

Rebel-X Series

M-172 FA

Carson Trailer is a Gardena, California-based builder of towable products for work, cargo, toy hauling and recreational use. Featuring fifth wheel and travel trailer variety products, Carson Trailer incorporate solid construction designed for great durability as well as low maintenance. The units manufactured by family-run Carson Trailer offer purchasers multiple choices in interior, furnishings and floor plan.