2011 True North Camping Trailer Prices and Specs

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True North Note

CAMPING TRAILERS - No further information available.
(Model years 2011 - 1984)

Camping Trailers

M-15D Freelance Ascent 16'4" 6'10" 1535 2
M-15D Freelance Base 16'4" 6'10" 1535 2
M-15D Freelance Summit 16'4" 6'10" 1535 2
A constructer of motorhomes and travel trailers, True North entered the recreational product industry in 1984. During the mid-1980s, True North built travel trailers ranging from 16 to 32 feet in length as well as 24-foot and 26-foot Class C motorhomes. True North ended trailer production in 1986 and motorhomes would be sold under the Tommy name afterwards. The True North name appeared in 2011 attached to a series of smaller, lightweight travel trailers classified as Freelance Outdoor Support Vehicles.