2011 Ikon by Renegade Prices, Values and Specs

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Ikon by Renegade Note

MOTORHOMES - For information after 2015, please refer to Renegade Custom Coaches

(2015 - 2010)


Motor Home Series

M-2800AM-Cascadia 450hp DD13 TA

M-2800AM-Cascadia 560hp DD15 TA

M-2800AM-Cascadia DD13 TA

M-2800AM-Cascadia DD15 TA

M-2800AM-Volvo 500hp TA

M-2800AM-Volvo 485hp DT

M-3000AM-Cascadia 450hp DD13 TA

M-3000AM-Cascadia 560hp DD15 TA

M-3000AM-Cascadia DD13 TA

M-3000AM-Cascadia DD15 TA

M-3000AM-Volvo 500hp TA

M-3000AM-Volvo 485hp DT

M-3200AM-Cascadia DD13 TA

M-3200AM-Cascadia DD15 TA

M-3200AM-Volvo 500hp TA

M-3200AS-Cascadia DD13 SA

M-3200AS-Cascadia DD15 TA

M-3200AM-Volvo 485hp DT

M-3400AM-Cascadia 450hp DD13 TA

M-3400AM-Cascadia 560hp DD15 TA

M-3400AM-Cascadia DD13 TA

M-3400AM-Cascadia DD15 TA

M-3400AM-Volvo 500hp TA

M-3400AM-Volvo 485hp DT

Sport Deck Series

M-1400AS-Cascadia DD13 TA

M-1400AS-Cascadia DD15 TA

M-1600AS-Cascadia DD13 TA

M-1600AS-Cascadia DD15 TA

M-1700AS-Cascadia DD13 TA

M-1700AS-Cascadia DD15 TA

M-1400AS-Volvo 485hp DT

M-1400AS-Cascadia 450hp DD13 TA

M-1400AS-Cascadia 560hp DD15 TA

M-1400AS-Volvo 500hp TA

M-1600AS-Volvo 485hp DT

M-1600AS-Cascadia 450hp DD13 TA

M-1600AS-Cascadia 560hp DD15 TA

M-1600AS-Volvo 500hp TA

M-1700AS-Cascadia 450hp DD13 TA

M-1700AS-Cascadia 560hp DD15 TA

M-1700AS-Volvo 485hp DT

M-1700AS-Volvo 500hp TA

Building their first recreational vehicles in 1997 as a manufacturer, Renegade Custom Coaches began producing the Ikon by Renegade line in 2010. A line up of Class A motorhomes constructed on commercial transport trucks, Ikon by Renegade ranging in lengths from 24.5 to 45 feet are designed for maximized rigidity alongside high luxury. From the factory, Ikon by Renegade motorhomes offer a sizable amount of customization and personalization for new owners.