2011 Damon Corporation Motorhome Prices and Specs

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Damon Corporation Note

MOTORHOMES - Prices include air conditioner, awning, microwave, TV and hitch. Add $1500 to Intruder models equipped with a Deluxe or XL package. For information after 2011, please see Thor Motor Coach.

2011 Note

MOTORHOMES - (*)These models are post emission chassis'. (**)This model has front cap, increased ceiling height, upgraded countertops, 5.5 generator, 50 amp service. (*#)This model has new exterior decors, upgraded countertops, increased counter heights.

(2011 - 1984)


Astoria Series

M-3470 Freightliner 340hp Cummins

M-3772 Freightliner 340hp Cummins

M-3776 Freightliner 340hp Cummins

M-40BQ Freightliner 360hp Cummins (*)

M-40KT Freightliner 360hp Cummins (*)

Avanti Series

M-2806 Freightliner MCL 220hp Cummins

M-2806 Freightliner MCL 220hp Cummins (*)

M-3106 Freightliner MCL 220hp Cummins

M-3106 Freightliner MCL 220hp Cummins (*)

Challenger Series

M-32VS Ford

M-32VS Ford (**)

M-35SD Ford

M-36FD Ford

M-37BD Ford

M-37KT Ford

Daybreak Series

M-27PD Ford

M-3211 Ford

M-3370 Ford

M-34SS Ford

M-35BD Ford


Outlaw Series

M-3611 Ford

M-3808 Ford

Tuscany Series

M-3680 Freightliner 360hp Cummins

M-4051 Freightliner 360hp Cummins

M-4072 Freightliner 360hp Cummins

M-4078 Freightliner 360hp Cummins

M-40LX Freightliner 380hp Cummins (*)

M-40WD Freightliner 380hp Cummins (*)

M-42FK Freightliner 450hp Cummins (*)

M-42RQ Freightliner 450hp Cummins

M-42RQ Freightliner 450hp Cummins (*#)

Producing Class A, Class B and Class C motor homes, Damon Corporation was an Indiana-based recreational vehicle builder founded in 1984. Damon Corporation briefly produced a large line-up of hitch and fifth wheel travel trailers during two periods. The first time occurring from 1986 to 1989 and the second time happening from 1995 to the 2000 model year. Becoming part of Thor Industries in 2003, Damon Corporation was merged with Four Winds International to form Thor Motor Coach.