2010 Bison Prices, Values and Specs

Important note for Bison

PARK MODELS - No further information available.

Select a 2010 Bison Series

(2017 - 2007)

5th Wheel

Alumasport SE Series

M-8380 SE

M-8310 SE

M-8480 SE

M-8312 SE

M-8410 SE

M-8314 SE

M-8412 SE

M-8414 SE

Stratus Express Series

M-260 ME

M-280 ME

M-360 ME

M-210 ME

M-380 ME

M-460 ME

M-8380 ME

M-310 ME

M-8310 ME

M-480 ME

M-8480 ME

M-8312 ME

M-410 ME

M-8314 ME

M-8410 ME

M-8412 ME

M-8414 ME

Stratus Series

M-8310 MM

M-8312 MM

M-8314 MM

M-8410 MM

M-8316 MM

M-8412 MM

M-8414 MM

M-8416 MM

Trail Express Series

M-260 TE

M-280 TE

M-8280 TE

M-360 TE

M-210 TE

M-8210 TE

M-380 TE

M-8380 TE

M-460 TE

M-310 TE

M-480 TE

M-8310 TE

M-8480 TE

M-8312 TE

M-410 TE

M-8410 TE

M-8314 TE

M-8412 TE

M-8414 TE

Trail Hand Series

M-260 TH

M-330 TH/D

M-280 TH

M-360 TH

M-380 TH

M-310 TH

M-480 TH

M-410 TH

Founded as a steel utility trailer manufacturer in 1984, Bison began catering to the recreational vehicle market for the first time in 2003 by offering a conversion option. Providing fifth wheel trailers ranging from 20 to 42 feet in length, Bison added aluminum-shelled Stratus line and briefly produced park model units. A Milford, Indiana company, Bison products designed to exhibit affordability as well as quality.