2010 Berkshire Motorhome Prices and Specs

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(2018 - 2008)


M-360FWS 340hp Cummins

M-360FWS 350hp Cummins

M-360QS 340hp Cummins

M-360QS 350hp Cummins

M-390BH 340hp Cummins

M-390BH 350hp Cummins

M-390QS 340hp Cummins

M-390QS 350hp Cummins

Forest River Incorporated established Berkshire in 2008 as a producer of luxury Class A motorhomes. Spanning 37 to 39.5 feet in length, the motorhomes assembled under Berkshire features standard LCD televisions as well as a queen or king-sized bed. Berkshire motorhomes are propelled by powerful Cummins diesel engines.