2009 Crossroads RV Travel Trailer/5th Wheel Prices and Specs

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Crossroads RV Note

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - From 1999 to current, prices include double door refrigerator, stabilizer jacks, water heater with DSI, stereo cassette and TV antenna. All American and All Star models also include microwave, air conditioner and electric front jacks.

(2017 - 1998)

5th Wheel

Cross Terrain Series

M-34 MK

M-36 DS

M-38 SB

M-37 CK

M-37 MK

M-38 TS

M-38 UL

Crossforce Series

M-31 SS

M-30 FB

M-30 SL

M-33 MK

Cruiser Series

M-25 RL

M-25 RB

M-26 RK

M-27 RL

M-28 RL

M-29 CK

M-29 RK

M-30 SK

M-31 SB

M-30 QB

M-31 MK

M-31 QB

M-32 BL

Kingston Series

M-30 SB

M-32 DB

M-33 RK

M-33 SK

M-34 QB

M-34 RK

M-34 TB

M-35 GB

M-35 SB

M-36 GB

Seville Series

M-32 KS

M-34 CK

M-35 CK

M-35 RL

M-36 SK

M-36 SB

M-37 BH

Sunset Trail Series

M-26 RL

M-27 RE

M-29 BH

Zinger Series

M-25 BH

M-27 RL

M-29 BS

M-30 QB

M-30 RB

Travel Trailers

Crossforce Series

M-25 CS

M-29 FB

M-30 SB

Cruiser Series

M-28 FB

M-31 RL

M-32 QB

M-31 GR

M-32 GR

M-32 SB

Hampton Series

M-38 DB

M-38 FE

M-38 FK

M-39 FE

M-39 FK

M-39 RL

M-40 FD

M-40 QB

Slingshot Series

M-26 FD

M-30 BH

Sunset Trail Series

M-19 CK

M-24 BH

M-26 RK

M-27 RB

M-30 BH

M-29 FK

M-28 BH

M-29 RL

M-31 QB

M-32 KS

Sunset Trail SLS Series

M-19 QB

M-20 RB

M-22 BH

Zinger Series

M-19 RD

M-25 RK

M-27 BH

M-26 BH

M-26 RL

M-29 DB

M-30 BH

M-32 QB

M-31 SB

M-37 DB

Crossroads RV was incorporated in 1996 as a manufacturer of hitch travel trailers and fifth wheel trailers. A company that greatly values itself for providing durable, lightweight vacation trailers, Crossroads RV products feature all-aluminum construction under an easily maintainable fiberglass exterior shell. Tailored for scoring a high reputation with customers, Crossroads RV trailers boast a high list of standard features for a reasonable price. Crossroads RV briefly sold park model units from 2008 to 2011 model years ranging up to 42 feet in length.