2009 Adventurer Truck Camper Prices and Specs

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Adventurer Note

TRUCK CAMPERS - Previously slumber queen. 2002 and 2003 model years were manufactured by Western Canada RV.

(2017 - 2002)

Truck Campers

Adventurer Series

M-7.6R Standard Cab

M-80W Extended Cab

M-810WS Extended Cab

M-85WS Extended Cab

M-86SBS Extended Cab

M-90FWS Extended Cab

M-910FBS Extended Cab

M-93FDS Extended Cab

M-950B Extended Cab

M-106DBS Extended Cab

A company founded in 1969, Adventurer Manufacturing Limited Partnership founded the Adventurer line of truck campers and Class C motorhomes in 2002. High quality and durable recreational vehicles, Adventurer offer a wide array of eye-catching features including solar panels and an electronically deploying rear awning. Adventurer features Tru-Composite wood and aluminum construction.