2008 Rage'N Travel Trailer/5th Wheel Prices and Specs

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Rage'N Note

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - No longer in business after 2008.

(2008 - 2005)

5th Wheel

M-3005 FA

M-3005 XL XLT

M-3205 XL XLT

M-3405 FA

M-3805 FA

Travel Trailers

M-1800 FX XLT

M-1900 FK XLT

M-1900 XFB XLT

M-2100 FB

M-2100 FK XLT

M-2100 XFB XLT

M-2300 FS XLT

M-2400 XSS XLT

M-2400 SS

M-2500 FB

M-2500 FS XLT

M-2600 FS

M-2800 FSC

M-3000 FS

M-3605 BH

M-3200 FSC

M-4005 BH

M-4005 BHG

M-4005 STR

Founded in 2006, Rage’N manufactured a line-up of travel and fifth wheel multi-purpose trailers. Ranging from 21 to 40 feet in length designed around toy hauling, all Rage’N towable products were all self-contained for extended stays at the campground. Rage'N toy hauler trailers were discontinued after the 2008 model year.