2008 Canyon Star Motorhome Prices and Specs

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Canyon Star Note

MOTORHOMES - From 2007 to current, in addition to what is standard prices include 12 cu Norcold ref, king dome satellite dish and A&E weather pro side awning.

(2016 - 2007)


M-3205 Ford 362hp

M-3303 Ford 362hp

M-3410 Ford 362hp

M-3410 Workhorse 340hp

M-3512 Ford 362hp

M-3512 Workhorse 340hp

M-3641 Ford 362hp

M-3641 Workhorse 340hp

M-3643 Ford 362hp

M-3644 Ford 362hp

M-3644 Workhorse 340hp

A product line residing under the Newmar Corporation, Canyon Star Class A motorhomes present a flexible basis for vacationing. Ranging from 32.5 to 39.5 feet in length, Canyon Star motorhomes can be equipped with an attached garage or even a second bedroom. Canyon Star includes high-end features such as Empire Maple glazed cabinets, leather furniture and Sony brand LCD television sets. Ford and Workhorse engine power the Canyon Star line of recreational vehicles.