2007 Pleasure-Way Prices, Values and Specs

Important note for Pleasure-Way

MOTORHOMES - In addition to what is standard, 2003 and newer models include generator, roof air, awning and TV-VCP.

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(2017 - 1992)


Traverse Ford

Excel-RD Ford

Excel-TD Ford

Excel-TS Ford

Lexor-TD Chevrolet

Lexor-TS Chevrolet

Plateau-TD Dodge

Plateau-TD3 Dodge

Plateau-TS Dodge

Plateau-TS3 Dodge

Constructing van-based Class B motorhomes, Pleasure-Way is a recreational vehicle company operating out of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Pleasure-Way motorhomes are revered for featuring considerable interior comfort within an easy to navigate frame. General Motors, Ford and Mercedes-Benz vans are currently used as the basis for Pleasure-Way products. Opening in 1986 with a production volume of 60 motorhomes a year, Pleasure-Way elevation to success has led to the company building over 800 vehicles annually.