2007 Coachmen Prices, Values and Specs

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Coachmen Note

CAMPING TRAILERS - 1995-current pricing includes furnace and awning.
(*)These models also include a refrigerator.

(2009 - 1967)

Camping Trailers

Clipper Series















Aurora Series

M-3200 DS-Ford (#)

M-3200 DS-Workhorse (#)

M-3480 DS-Ford (#)

M-3480 DS-Workhorse (#)

M-3580 TS-Ford (#)

M-3580 TS-Workhorse

M-3650 TS-Ford (#)

M-3650 TS-Workhorse (#)

Concord Series

M-235 SO-Ford (**)

M-275 DS-Ford (**)

M-300 TS-Ford (**)

Cross Country Series

M-345 MBS-300hp (#)

M-382 DS-300hp (#)

M-389 DS-300hp (#)

Freelander Series

M-2230RK-Chevrolet (**)

M-2430 QB-Chevrolet (**)

M-2600 SO-Ford (**)

M-2920 DS-Ford (**)

M-2890 QB-Chevrolet (**)

M-3100 SO-Ford (**)

M-3150 SS-Ford (**)

Leprechaun Series

M-317 KS-Ford (**)

M-318 DS-Ford (**)

Mirada Series

M-300 QB-Ford (#)

M-290 KS-Ford (#)

M-310 DS-Ford (#)

M-350 DS-Ford (#)

Sportcoach Pathfinder Series

M-373 DS-330hp (#)

M-377 DS-330hp (#)

M-384 TS-330hp (#)

Sportscoach Elite Series

M-40 QS-350hp (#)

M-40 QSL-350hp (#)

Sportscoach Encore Series

M-40 TS-330hp (#)

Sportscoach Legend Series

M-40 QS-400hp (#)

M-40 QSL-400hp (#)

5th Wheel

Adrenaline Series

M-400 DS (**)

Chaparral Series

M-267 RLS (**)

M-340 QBS (**)

M-269 BHS (**)

M-277 DS (**)

M-321 TS (**)

Wyoming Series

M-332 RLTS (**)

M-335 RETS (**)

M-342 BHTS (**)

Travel Trailers

Adrenaline Series

M-23 FS Lite (**)

M-274 FS (**)

Adrenaline Surge Series

M-26 FS

Captiva Series

M-269 QBH (**)

M-245 DS (**)

M-265 RS (**)

M-271 DS (**)

M-270 RS (**)

M-281 RBS

M-290 BHS

M-288 FKS

M-291 QBS

Spirit of America Lite Series

M-17 RDQ

M-19 FLB

Spirit of America Series

M-19 FLB (**)

M-23 FKS (**)

M-24 RBQ (**)

M-24 TBQ (**)

M-25 RKS (**)

M-26 DBD (**)

M-27 RBS (**)

M-28 DSB (**)

M-28 RLS (**)

M-28 BHS (**)

M-29 TBS (**)

M-31 DSB (**)

M-32 BHS (**)

M-32 FKS (**)

M-38 DSB (**)

Founded in 1964, Coachmen developed a rich, diverse presence in the recreational vehicle and unit marketplace. Originally constructing travel trailers and truck campers for the vacationing customer, Coachmen would soon add motorhomes to their product array. In recent years, the product assortment for Coachmen provides something for nearly all vacationers from simple deployable camping trailers to over 40-foot class A motorhomes. Since 2008, Coachmen has existed as a division of Forest River Incorporated.