2007 Chariot Motorhome Prices and Specs

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(2013 - 1981)


F30-1 Columbia 515hp

F30-2 Columbia 515hp

F34-1 Columbia 450hp

F34-1 Coronado 515hp

F34-2 Columbia 450hp

F34-2 Coronado 515hp

F34-3 Columbia 450hp

F34-3 Coronado 515hp

V34-2 Volvo 465hp

V34-3 Volvo 465hp

Initially producing customized conversion vans for mobility-impaired individuals, Chariot was also involved in the production of small-scale travel trailers. Chariot lightweight trailers were constructed from 1981 to 1998. A return to the recreational vehicle market was made in 2007 by Chariot when the company began production of a custom-built Class A motorhome. Based on Freightliner and Volvo commercial vehicle chassis frames, Chariot motorhomes project a rugged look on the outside. A luxury-geared cabin is found inside Chariot motorhomes that range up to 45 feet in length.