2006 Play-Mor Prices, Values and Specs

Important note for Play-Mor

PARK MODELS - No further information available aftere 1988.

Select a 2006 Play-Mor Series

(2016 - 1975)

5th Wheel

Motorsport Series

M-301 Deluxe (*)

M-316 Deluxe (*)

M-336 Deluxe (*)

M-354 Deluxe (*)

M-369 Deluxe (*)

M-373 Deluxe (*)

M-399 Deluxe (*)

Racer Series

M-4061 (*) Slide

M-4061 Dinette (*)

M-4061 Sofa (*)

Renegade Series

M-294 (*)

M-334 (*)

Sport LX Series

M-3309 (*)

M-3512 (*)

M-3612 (*)

Sportster Series

M-330 Deluxe (*)

M-332 Deluxe (*)

Travel Trailers

Motorsport Series

M-8X24 SLQ Deluxe (*)

M-8X24 SLQ DQ Deluxe (*)

M-2711 DQ Deluxe (*)

M-8X26 SLQ Deluxe (*)

M-3008 Deluxe (*)

M-3108 Deluxe (*)

M-3108 Deluxe (*) Slide

M-8X28 SLQ Deluxe (*)

M-3111 Deluxe (*)

M-8X30 SLQ Deluxe (*)

M-8X30 SLQ Deluxe (*) Slide

Renegade Series

M-292 (*)

M-332 (*)

Sport LX Series

M-309 (*)

Sportster Series

M-297 Deluxe (*)

M-320 Deluxe (*)

A Westphalia, Missouri company, Play-Mor was founded in 1964 and continues to operate as a family business. Having constructed truck campers in the past and Park models, the focus of Play-Mor has been on trailers created for recreation as well as for hauling. Play-Mor currently offers fifth wheel trailers as well as travel trailers suited for amateur toy hauling and, most specifically, for the transportation of motorsport equipment.