2006 Monaco Prices, Values and Specs

Select a 2006 Monaco Series

(2017 - 1975)


Camelot Series

M-38PDQ 400hp

M-40PAQ 400hp

M-40PDD 400hp

M-40PDQ 400hp

M-40PET 400hp

M-40PLT 400hp


Cayman Series

M-34SBD 300hp

M-36PDD 300hp

M-36SBT 300hp

M-37PBD 300hp

M-36PDQ 300hp

Diplomat Series

M-38PDD 400hp

M-38PST 400hp

M-40DST 400hp

M-40PAQ 400hp

M-40PDQ 400hp

M-40PET 400hp

M-40PRQ 400hp

Dynasty Series

Bishop 400hp Double Slide

Bishop 400hp Quad Slide

Bishop 400hp Triple Slide

Platinum 400hp Double Slide

Platinum 400hp Quad Slide

Platinum 400hp Triple Slide

Countess 400hp

Diamond 400hp Double Slide

Diamond 400hp Quad Slide

Diamond 400hp Triple Slide

King 400

Esquire Series

M-27PBD Ford

M-29PBD Ford

M-31PBS Ford

M-31PKS Ford

Executive Series

Rainer 500hp Double Slide

Rainer 500hp Quad Slide

Rainer 515hp Double Slide

Rainer 515hp Quad Slide

Rainer 525hp Double Slide

Rainer 525hp Quad Slide

Rainer F 500hp

Rainer F 515hp

Rainer F 525hp

Rainer R 500hp

Rainer R 515hp

Rainer R 525hp

Denali R 500hp

Denali R 515hp

Denali R 525hp

Matterhorn 515

Matterhorn 525

Rushmore 500hp

Rushmore 515hp

Rushmore 525hp

Sandia 500hp

Sandia 515hp

Sandia 525hp

Temple R 515hp

Temple R 525hp

Matterhorn 500

Temple R 500hp

Knight Series

M-37PBD 330hp

M-38PDQ 330hp

M-40PDQ 330hp

M-40PET 330hp

M-40PLQ 330hp

M-40DFD 330hp

M-40SKT 330hp

La Palma Series

M-34PBD 300hp

M-34PDD 300hp

M-35SBD Ford

M-35SBD Workhorse

M-36DBD Ford

M-36DBD Workhorse

M-36WBS 300hp

M-37PBD Ford

M-37PBD Workhorse

M-37PST Workhorse

M-37PCT Ford

M-37PCT Workhorse

M-37SBT Workhorse

Monarch SE Series

M-30PBS Ford

M-30PBS Workhorse

M-30PDD Ford

M-30PDD Workhorse

M-30SFS Ford

M-30SFS Workhorse

M-33PBD Ford

M-33PBD Workhorse

M-34SBD Ford

M-34SBD Workhorse

M-36PBD Ford

M-36PBD Workhorse

M-37PBD Ford

M-37PBD Workhorse

M-37PCT Ford

M-37PCT Workhorse

Signature Series

Platinum 500hp

Platinum 515hp

Platinum 525hp

Platinum 600hp

Chateau 500hp

Chateau 515hp

Chateau 525hp

Chateau 600hp

Cardinal 500hp

Cardinal 515hp

Cardinal 525hp

Cardinal 600hp

Conquest 500hp

Conquest 515hp

Conquest 525hp

Conquest 600hp

Conquest R 500hp

Conquest R 515hp

Conquest R 525hp

Conquest R 600hp

Castle 500hp

Castle 515hp

Castle 525hp

Castle 600hp

Commander 500hp

Commander 515hp

Commander 525hp

Commander 600hp

Windsor Series

M-38PDQ 400hp

M-40PEQ 400hp

M-40PET 400hp

M-40PRT 400hp

M-40PDQ 400hp

Founded in 1968 as Caribou Manufacturing Company, the beginning of Monaco started with the modest but successful business of building truck campers. Reformed as the Monaco Coach Corporation in 1977, the brand became recognized as a motorhome builder. First building Class C motorhomes, Monaco migrated into the construction of Class A motor coaches ranging up to 45 feet in length. The parent company Monaco filed for bankruptcy in 2009 but production was able to continue with assets being sold to Navistar Incorporation Corporation.