2006 Ameri-Camp Prices, Values and Specs

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Ameri-Camp Note

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - No longer in business after 2009.

(2009 - 2004)

5th Wheel

Summit Ridge Series

M-265 DS

M-270 RKS

M-299 RLS

M-301 RKS

M-311 NRLS

M-320 ES

M-321 QBS

Summit Ridge SRX Series

M-327 RRK

M-340 CK4

M-341 S3

M-350 RL4

Trail Boss Series

M-390 THS

Travel Trailers

Lite Series

M-19 LT

M-22 FB

M-25 QBH

M-28 ES

M-30 KS

Summit Ridge Series

M-260 FBD

M-310 RLS

M-312 FLR

M-315 QBS

M-322 RKS

M-329 RLS

M-325 RBHS

Trail Boss Series

M-300 FBT

Wrangler Series

M-270 RLS

M-271 BHS

M-272 BHS

A producer of fifth wheel and travel trailers, Indiana-based Ameri-Camp began operations during the 2004 model year. Ameri-Camp products range in lengths from 19 to 41 feet designed for comfortable living at campgrounds. In 2009, the recreational vehicle company Ameri-Camp was a victim of poor economic conditions and closed its doors.