2005 Keystone RV

Hornet Sport Fifth Wheel Series M-295 BHSS Special Notes

Special Notes

Keystone RV Note

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - Prices include air conditioner, awning, stabilizer jacks, microwave, AM/FM cassette stereo and water heater with DSI. Challenger and Hornet previously listed under Damon Corporation.

2005 Note

In addition to what is standard and otherwise noted, prices include (except Clearwater/Hornet) oven, spare tire, exterior shower, TV antenna/booster, and electric front jacks(FW's except Outback/Cougar). Tail-gator/Raptor also generator. Fiberglass exterior included in Challenger, Cougar, Laredo, Outback, Mountaineer, Montana and Big Sky. The following include packages Montana=Value+Moving to Montana, Cougar=Polar+Bike+Camping in Style+Value, Laredo=Living+Comfort Plus, Sydney=Comfort, Tail-gator=Baja and Raptor=Interior+Exterior.
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