2005 Grand Sport Prices, Values and Specs

Select a 2005 Grand Sport Series

(2014 - 2002)


Columbia Series

M-340 450hp

M-340 455hp

M-370 450hp

M-370 455hp

M-400 450hp

M-400 455hp

M-420 450hp

M-420 455hp

M-450 450hp

M-450 455hp

M2 Series

M-320 300hp

M-350 300hp

M-380 300hp

Founded in 1997, Dynamax began producing the Grand Sport line of motorhomes in 2002. Building large Class A and Class C motorhomes on transport truck frames, Grand Sport caters to luxury as well as toy hauler customers in the recreational vehicle market. Multiple floor plans for Grand Sport recreational products have been made available between 32 and 45 feet in length. Air conditioning, LCD television and a finely equipped kitchen were features of Grand Sport motorhomes.