2005 Born Free Motorhome Prices and Specs

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Born Free Note

MOTORHOMES - 1995-current values include cruise control, microwave/convection oven, wheel liners, trailer hitch, driver's side power seat, power mirrors, TV antenna, running boards, fantastic fan, and dual air lift system. No further information.

(2016 - 1970)


Built For Two

Built For Two Diesel

Casual Elegance Rear Bed 24'

Casual Elegance RB Diesel 24'

Rear Bath 24'

Rear Bath Diesel 24'

Casual Elegance Rear Bed 26'

Casual Elegance Rear Side Bed

Casual Elegance Rear Side Bed Diesel

Casual Elegance RB Diesel 26'

Rear Bath 26'

Rear Bath Diesel 26'

Rear Side Bed 26'

Rear Side Bed Diesel 26'

Rear Bath 30'

Rear Bath Diesel 30'

Rear Side Bed 30'

Rear Side Bed Diesel 30'

Born Free is an Iowa-based manufacturer producing mostly Class C motorhomes. Offering recreational vehicles suited ideally for sleeping two, Born Free largest 27-foot can accommodate six people for a night. Since 1969, Born Free motorhomes have been built to a standard assuring safety that has allowed the company to tout high ratings for protection as well as customer satisfaction. Born Free also produced truck campers up until the end of the 1983 model year.