2004 Wanderer by Thor Ind Prices, Values and Specs

Important note for Wanderer by Thor Ind

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - Prices listed include awning, air conditioner, microwave, AM/FM stere cassette and water heater. No further information available.
(*)These models include the fiberglass exterior.

Important note for 2004

TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS - In addition to what is standard and otherwise noted 2004 prices(except Pakrat) include microwave,TV antenna with booster, stabilizer jacks, CD player, spare tire/carrier, luggage rack/ladder (except Lite), double door refrigerator(Lite/Wagon/Vortex) and generator with pump (Wagon/Vortex). Vortex and fifth wheels(except Lite) also include front power jacks and ducting A/C(duct also in Wagon). Platinum Package included in SS models and M-315RL.

Select a 2004 Wanderer by Thor Ind Series

(2006 - 1997)

5th Wheel

M-251 MS

M-240 RK

M-272 BH

M-266 RL

M-315 RL (*)

Lite Series

M-215/235 RL

Vortex Series

M-383 (*)

M-379 (*)

Wagon Series

M-267/275 TB

M-327/325 TB

M-367/365 TB

M-365 TB

Travel Trailers

M-220/230 RB

M-260 BH

M-255/260 RK

M-261 FK

M-280 FK

M-253 RB

M-264 RL

M-299 RL

M-303 BH

Lite Series

M-179 UD

M-192 SD

M-182 DT

M-221 SD

M-230/223 FB

M-231 BH

M-239 MS

M-229 BH

M-240 MS

M-231/251 DT

Vortex Series

M-243 (*)

M-293 (*)

M-333 (*)

Wagon Series

M-159 TB-Tent Pakrat

M-187 TB

M-197 TB

M-207 TB

M-217 TB

M-221 TB-Tent Pakrat

M-222 TB-Tent Pakrat

M-262/277 TB

M-287/297 TB

Wanderer by Thor Industries was introduced during the 1997 model year centered on the construction of fifth wheel and travel trailers. Fifth wheel trailers built by Wanderer by Thor Industries range from 22 to 39 feet while the brand’s travel trailers span up to 37 feet in length. The Wanderer by Thor Industries discontinued operations after the 2006 model year.