2004 Palm-Aire Park Model Prices and Specs

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Palm-Aire Note

PARK MODELS - No further information available after 2004.

(2004 - 2001)

Park Models

Castle Pointe Series

M-1151 FLR Double Loft

M-1151 Island Double Loft

M-1155 FLR SF

M-1155 Island

M-1157 FLR Double Loft

M-1157 Island Double Loft

M-1103 FLR Double Loft

M-1105 FLR Double Loft

Cedar Ridge Series

M-1201 FLR Double Loft

M-1201 FLR SF

M-1204 FLR SF

M-1208 Angle

First constructing park models in 2001, Palm-Aire products were manufactured until the 2004 model year. Designed for long term vacationing as seasonal residences, Palm-Aire park model units ranged from 37 to 42 feet in length.