2004 Marathon Travel Trailer/5th Wheel Prices and Specs

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(2012 - 1976)

5th Wheel

M-30 RBW

M-30 RK

M-33 BH

M-34 RBW

M-34 RK

M-34 RLR

M-35 BH 1.5 Bath

M-36 RBW

M-37 RK

M-37 RLR

M-40 2 Bedroom

M-40 CB

M-44 2 Bedroom

Free Stylin' Series




Olympian Series

M-126 RK

M-126 RLR

M-128 RBW

M-128 RK

M-130 RBW

M-130 RK

M-133 RK

M-134 RBW

M-137 RK

M-137 RLR

Travel Trailers

M-30 FLR

M-33 FK

M-35 2 Bedroom

M-36 FK

M-36 FK SA

M-36 FLR


M-39 2 Bedroom

M-39 FK

M-39 FLR

Free Stylin' Series



Olympian Series

M-127 BH

M-127 FB

M-127 FK

M-127 RK

M-127 RLR

M-129 BH

M-129 FK

M-130 FLR

M-133 BH

M-133 FK

M-138 FBH

M-138 FLR

M-138 RBH

M-138 RBW

Marathon was founded in 1973 as spin-off company from another recreational vehicle builder. Largely focused in the construction of travel trailers and fifth wheel trailers, Marathon also produced Class C motorhomes as well as park model units after several decades of recreational vehicle manufacturing. The travel trailers and the fifth wheel trailer range produced by Marathon is constructed in lengths from 13 to 40 feet.