2004 Country Coach Prices, Values and Specs

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Country Coach Note

MOTORHOMES - No further information available after 2010.

2004 Note

MOTORHOMES - Prices include air conditioners with heat pumps, projection screen TV, on star system, awning, cord reel, mud flaps and exterior storage tray. Affinity and Lexa also include exterior entertainment center. (*)Bob Lee Anniversary edition.

(2010 - 1984)


Affinity Series

Luxury Suite 515

Allure Series

Seaside 370

Seaside 400

High Cascade 370

High Cascade 400

Pendleton 370

Pendleton 400

Astoria 370

Astoria 400

Newport 370

Newport 400

Inspire Series

Siena 350 Double Slide

Siena 350 Quad Slide

Siena 350 Triple Slide

Davinci 350

Genoa 350

Intrigue Series

Venture 400 Double Slide

Venture 400 Slide

Evening Star 400

Suite Escape 400

Suite Escape 505

Suite Sensation 400

Suite Sensation 505

Ovation 400 Double Slide

Ovation 400 Triple Slide

Ovation 505 Double Slide

Ovation 505 Triple Slide

Lexa Series

Alexandria 515 Double Slide

Alexandria 515 Triple Slide

Athens 515 Double Slide

Athens 515 Triple Slide

Odyssey 515 Double Slide

Odyssey 515 Triple Slide

Magna Series

Haven 515

Chalet 515 (*) Triple Slide

Chalet 515 Double Slide

Chalet 515 Triple Slide

Resort 515

Founded as Country Camper in the 1970s, the company’s refocus into higher-end motorhomes in 1983 necessitated a new change to Country Coach. Country Coach has produced Class A and C motorhomes ranging from 28 to 45 feet in length. Incurring troubles in 2010, Country Coach was forced briefly out of business until a new owner was found. In the past, Country Coach has produced up to 1,800 coaches per year.