2004 Breckenridge by Damon Prices, Values and Specs

Important note for 2004

PARK MODELS - Add $2675 to 8'6'' and $1900 to 12' wides if equipped with Convenience group add $2755 to 8'6'' and $1555 12' wides if equipped with Imperial decor.

Select a 2004 Breckenridge by Damon Series

(2011 - 1994)

Park Models

102 Series

M-835 CB



M-840 FL

M-840 RCB Double Slide

M-840 RCB Triple Slide

M-844 FK

M-844 RDN

M-844 SA

M-844 SB Double Slide

M-844 SB Triple Slide



LE Series

M-1238 FDBSK

M-1238 FLR

M-1240 CL Loft

M-1240 DBDL Double Loft

M-1240 DBDL-T 2 Loft

M-1240 DL Double Loft

M-1240 Double Loft

M-1240 FDB

M-1240 FDR

M-1240 FLCD

M-1240 PG

SE Series

M-1240 SEDB-2

M-1240 SEDL Loft

M-1240 SEFDN

M-1240 SEFL

M-1240 SEJJ

M-1240 SERDN

Founded by Dutchmen Manufacturing, Breckenridge by Damon began assembling park model homes in 1994. Breckenridge by Damon produced several styles of park model mobile units providing stylish, semi-permanent accommodations. Ranging in sizes from 35 to 44 feet, the vacation-suited units produced through Breckenridge by Damon come with several interior décor options.