2003 Trendsetter Prices, Values and Specs

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Trendsetter Note

MOTORHOMES - Lengths listed for this line reflect the conversion with out chassis. For further pricing information, refer to United Specialities.

2003 Note

MOTORHOMES - All 2003 prices include slide-out room.

(2003 - 2002)


Garage Series

M-10SE, FL70 300hp

M-12SE, M2 300hp

M-14SE, Sterling 430hp

M-16SE, FL70 300hp

Motorhome Series

M-26SE, Sterling 430hp

M-28SE, Columbia Auto

M-30SE, Columbia Auto

M-32SE, Columbia Auto

Toterhome Series

M-12RE, M2 300hp

M-12SE, M2 300hp

M-14RE, FL70 300hp

M-14SE, FL70 300hp

M-16RE, FL112 350hp

M-16SE, FL112 350hp

M-17SE, FL112 350hp

Transport truck conversion into motorhomes, Trendsetter products were produced by United Specialties Incorporated. Trendsetter motorhome configurations featuring towing designs as well as Class A models. Extending up to 32 feet in length, the motorhomes created by Trendsetter are high-end recreational products featuring a host of luxury amenities inside and robust engine power. Trendsetter motorhomes were assembled under the United Specialties brand after the 2003 model year.