2003 Haulmark Prices, Values and Specs

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Haulmark Note

MOTORHOMES - T/A denotes tandem axle. S/A denotes single axle.

(2016 - 2002)


Motorcoach Series

M-29' Columbia-450hp Non Slide

M-29' Columbia-450hp Slide

M-29' Freightliner-300hp Non Slide

M-29' Freightliner-300hp Slide

M-29' Freightliner-430hp Non Slide

M-29' Freightliner-430hp Slide

M-31' Columbia-450hp Non Slide

M-31' Columbia-450hp Slide

M-31' Freightliner-300hp Non Slide

M-31' Freightliner-300hp Slide

M-31' Freightliner-430hp Non Slide

M-31' Freightliner-430hp Slide

M-33' Columbia-450hp Non Slide

M-33' Columbia-450hp Slide

M-33' Freightliner-300hp Non Slide

M-33' Freightliner-300hp Slide

M-33' Freightliner-430hp Non Slide

M-33' Freightliner-430hp Slide

Motorgarage Series

M-1812 Columbia-450hp Non Slide

M-1812 Columbia-450hp Slide

M-1812 Freightliner-300hp Non Slide

M-1812 Freightliner-300hp Slide

M-1812 Freightliner-430hp Non Slide

M-1812 Freightliner-430hp Slide

M-2012 Columbia-450hp Non Slide

M-2012 Columbia-450hp Slide

M-2012 Freightliner-300hp Slide

M-2012-Freightliner-300hp Non Slide

M-2012-Freightliner-430hp Non Slide

M-2012-Freightliner-430hp Slide

Motorhome Series

M-24' Columbia-450hp Non Slide

M-24' Columbia-450hp Slide

M-24' Columbia-450hp Super

M-24' Freightliner-300hp Non Slide

M-24' Freightliner-300hp Slide

M-24' Freightliner-300hp Super

M-24' Freightliner-430hp Non Slide

M-24' Freightliner-430hp Slide

M-24' Freightliner-430hp Super

M-26' Columbia-450hp

M-26' Columbia-450hp Non Slide

M-26' Columbia-450hp Super

M-26' Freightliner-300hp Non Slide

M-26' Freightliner-300hp Slide

M-26' Freightliner-300hp Super

M-26' Freightliner-430hp

M-26' Freightliner-430hp Non Slide

M-26' Freightliner-430hp Super

M-28' Columbia-450hp Non Slide

M-28' Columbia-450hp Slide

M-28' Columbia-450hp Super

M-28' Freightliner-300hp Non Slide

M-28' Freightliner-300hp Slide

M-28' Freightliner-300hp Super

M-28' Freightliner-430hp Non Slide

M-28' Freightliner-430hp Slide

M-28' Freightliner-430hp Super

M-30' Columbia-450hp Non Slide

M-30' Columbia-450hp Slide

M-30' Columbia-450hp Super

M-30' Freightliner-300hp Non Slide

M-30' Freightliner-300hp Slide

M-30' Freightliner-300hp Super

M-30' Freightliner-430hp Non Slide

M-30' Freightliner-430hp Slide

M-30' Freightliner-430hp Super

M-32' Columbia-450hp Non Slide

M-32' Columbia-450hp Slide

M-32' Columbia-450hp Super

M-32' Freightliner-300hp Non Slide

M-32' Freightliner-300hp Slide

M-32' Freightliner-300hp Super

M-32' Freightliner-430hp Non Slide

M-32' Freightliner-430hp Slide

M-32' Freightliner-430hp Super

A luxury motor coach builder since 2002, Haulmark constructs large recreational vehicles based on transport trucks. Spanning from 23 to 45 feet in length, the Class A motorhomes of Haulmark offer spacious interiors with many premium amenities such as LCD television and available washer/dryer. The exterior and interior look of Haulmark motorhomes can be customized-ordered to particular tastes.