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MOTORHOMES - No information for 2012 due to plant relocating. No further information.

2003 Note

MOTORHOMES - 2003 prices include awning, 2 auxiliary batteries, exterior shower, fantastic fan, air conditioner, side/rear door screens, trailer hitch and TV/VCR. Easy ride included in classic models only.

(2014 - 1986)


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Ford (Mid Galley)

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Ford V10 (Mid Galley)

Entering the Class B motorhome business in the 1980s, Great West Vans is a family-owned, Canadian-based recreational vehicle company. Great West Vans has used Ford, Dodge, General Motors and Mercedes-Benz vans as the basis for their luxury conversion products. Modern Great West Vans vehicles can be found with HD television sets, built-in coffee maker as well as a king-sized bed.