2003 Alfa Prices, Values and Specs

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Alfa Note

MOTORHOMES - Prices include air conditioner with heat pump, awnings, diesel generator, water heater, inverter, satellite, washer/dryer, rear vision system, ceramic tile, CD changer, front/rear leveling jacks and entertainment center. No longer in business.

(2008 - 1974)


See-Ya Series

M-36FD 330hp

M-40FD 330hp

5th Wheel

Ideal-31RKT 298

Ideal-31RL 299

Ideal-31RLIK 295

Sun-30RL 280

Sun-31RKT 279

Sun-31RLIK 275

Gold-32RL 300

Ideal-33RLET 297

Sun-33RLET 292

Gold-34RLIKBS 270

Ideal-35RLIK 296

Ideal-36RLET 294

Sun-35RLIK 291

Sun-36RLET 293


Gold-34RLTKBS 285

Gold-35RLTKBS 274

Gold-38RLTES 253

Toyhouse-39SCW 266

A company founded in 1973, Alfa Leisure operated as a popular California constructer of trailers and motorhomes. Defining design qualities of Alfa products included basement storage walk-in closets and large windows. Hurt by the economic downturn, Alfa Leisure went out of business in 2008. Over the course of its existence, Alfa has produced over 20,000 trailers for the recreational market.