2002 Damon Corporation Prices, Values and Specs

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Damon Corporation Note

MOTORHOMES - Prices include air conditioner, awning, microwave, TV and hitch. Add $1500 to Intruder models equipped with a Deluxe or XL package. For information after 2011, please see Thor Motor Coach.

(2011 - 1984)


Challenger Series

M-315 Ford

M-315 Vortec

M-329 Ford

M-329 Vortec

M-330 Ford

M-330 Vortec

M-335 Ford

M-335 Vortec

M-348 Ford

M-348 Vortec

Daybreak Series

M-2775 Ford

M-2775 Vortec

M-2960 Ford

M-2960 Vortec

M-3290 Ford

M-3290 Vortec

M-3275 Ford

M-3275 Vortec

M-3270 Ford

M-3270 Vortec

Escaper Series

M-3970 Freightliner 330hp

M-3970 Spartan 350hp

M-3975 Freightliner 330hp

M-3975 Spartan 350hp

M-3977 Freightliner 330hp

M-3977 Spartan 350hp

M-3979 Freightliner 330hp

M-3979 Spartan 350hp

M-4087 Freightliner 330hp

M-4087 Spartan 350hp

Intruder Series

M-341 Ford

M-341 Workhorse

M-350 Ford

M-350 Workhorse

M-369 Ford

M-369 Workhorse

M-375 Ford

M-375 Workhorse

M-379 Ford

M-379 Workhorse

Ultrasport Series

M-3670 Cummins

M-3677 Cummins

M-3679 Cummins

M-3876 Cummins

M-3889 Cummins

Producing Class A, Class B and Class C motor homes, Damon Corporation was an Indiana-based recreational vehicle builder founded in 1984. Damon Corporation briefly produced a large line-up of hitch and fifth wheel travel trailers during two periods. The first time occurring from 1986 to 1989 and the second time happening from 1995 to the 2000 model year. Becoming part of Thor Industries in 2003, Damon Corporation was merged with Four Winds International to form Thor Motor Coach.